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Spaghetti Bolognese Mainlyfood

Beef, Dinner, Main, Pasta | March 22, 2016 | By

My boys have watched me in the kitchen for as long as they can or cannot remember. Sometimes they’ve helped, other times they’ve scampered off, on some occasions this is where we’ve had our best conversations. And there have been times I’ve asked them to leave me alone.

We probably have a tomato-based pasta sauce for dinner almost once a week. When the boys were younger we’d actually have leftovers and the sauce and pasta would end up in the oven with extra cheese, known as our pasta bake (works for a lot of leftovers!) or fried up in a pan for spaghetti pizza. Now they’re both teenagers and it’s a struggle to cook enough to even have leftovers.

So they’ve seen what goes into my various versions of bolognese and have thus tasted their way through many a variation. And now son 1 is perfecting his own. I haven’t been privy to all the preparations — he prefers a solitary kitchen at the moment — but taste is giving hints of allspice and maybe cinnamon, mustard, and definitely cheese. Simmering sauce with a hard cheese rind can often be seen in my kitchen. Excuse me; our kitchen.

And here it is, with the appropriate addition of grated Grana Padano and fresh basil from the window sill. Ready to dig in?

Spaghetti Bolognese Mainlyfood


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