Mastering the Art of French Cooking: Quiche



Making pie. Always thought of it as complicated. I’m not that good with a rolling pin. But flaky pie crust is one of those things that taste so much better homemade so I figured it was time to try it. Son 1 is currently experimenting with sweet pies thus I’m tackling the savoury and what better way to start than with a quiche?!

I flipped through some of my French-inspired cookbooks but, to my surprise, no luck. Then I remembered an old copy of Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking stuffed at the back of the cookbook cupboard. And Julia has detailed description and drawings on how to make the perfect pâte brisée. Reading the instructions for French food written by an American and translated to Norwegian was a bit weird but oh man did this turn out delicious!! And…it wasn’t that hard to do either.

pate brise


The dough ready for resting. Handmade all the way. Four parts butter to five parts flour.

rolling dough for quiche


Keeping the book close at hand, making sure I’m doing it right.

quiche dough


Slowly, but surely.



This is what onions look like after simmering for an hour!

quiche filling


Eggs, milk, cheese, onions, mushrooms, and some leftover grilled veg worked out well for the filling.

finished quiche


Recipe was enough for a smaller quiche as well.

white pepper in mortar


Making a version of a classic Norwegian salad to lighten the meal.

slicing vegetables with a cheese slicer


The poor man’s mandolin! Or when you don’t feel like cleaning the food processor. A cheese slicer can cut more than just cheese.

Will post recipe soon!


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