Fine Cooking: Chocolate Heaven

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Fine Cooking posted some amazing looking chocolate dessert photos on their Facebook page the other day and I’ve since been looking for an excuse to try out some of the recipes. With leftovers for dinner I decided to treat ourselves to a weeknight dessert and made the Molten Chocolate Cakes — with some slight variations.


Totally forgot to take photos of the process, here’s the result just out of the oven.

I followed the recipe, but used dark Lindt chocolate which I always keep on hand as it works great for eating, drinking, and cooking! Had no port, so used Chambord instead and omitted the vanilla as the raspberry liqueur is sweet enough. The ramekins baked for only 13 minutes.


With a sprinkle of Meyer lemon coarse salt and a slice of blood orange, the warm chocolate having that hint of the raspberry liqueur and being just dark enough — not too bitter, not too sweet — this dessert is simply divine.

It was pretty darn tasty the next day as well and paired lovingly with a glass of Cremant de Bourgogne…now that was a treat!


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