Dressing the Greens

One of my favourites is a simple vinaigrette, with slight variations depending on season and mood.

1 part acid to 3 parts oil. Think that tip came from Jamie Oliver in one of his earlier shows and it’s served us well.

This is when you bring out the fancy olive oil you splurged on (or that someone kind gave you for Christmas ) as well as any special vinegar you want to really taste.

Then keep it simple: balsamic vinegar with freshly pressed olive oil may not even need salt.

White wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil with a hint of white pepper, a dash of kosher salt and perhaps a sprig or two of herbs from the garden or your window sill.

Or some freshly squeezed lemon juice (try a Meyer ) and walnut oil, then season to taste.

Add a hint of garlic or a dollop of mustard to spruce it up.

mixing salad dressing

I like to keep a small Mason jar in the fridge with a basic vinaigrette, then add to it. Tonight, we have a base of horseradish mustard, kosher salt, and half a garlic clove. Added freshly ground black pepper, lemon oregano, basil, the last of the gifted grapefruit vinegar and EVO. And some mustard flowers cuz they’re pretty.

fresh green salad

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Ligtly dressed a basic green salad. Summer on a plate.

What’s your favorite dressing mix? And what about your selection of greens? We had curly endive, romaine, mustard greens, swiss chard, cherry tomatoes, and a couple of Crimini mushrooms. Yum.


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