Countdown to Christmas: Ornamental 1

Knitting | December 1, 2013 | By

knitted christmas ornament


So I mainly brag blog about food and cooking. Today I’m showing off long-acquired knitting skills. I used to knit all the time. At school during class, while reading, in coffee shops. Worked in a knitting store in Vancouver for several years, teaching “advanced knitting” mostly involving fair isle and colour work. These days I’m more fanatical about cooking, but still keep a knitting project (or two, or three, or four; old habits die hard) on the go, although they’re fairly simple projects and mostly end up as gifts.

When I came across Arne & Carlos’ inspiring patterns a few years back I wanted to make those cute Christmas balls right away. Unfortunately, the book was not yet available in North America, but luckily, a kind friend shipped one off to me from Norway.

There’s one basic pattern for the ball itself and a slew of variations for the image, which is either knitted fair isle or embroidered after. Looks good on the tree, in the window, and can be made in any size depending on the kind of yarn and size of needles used.

No idle hands!



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